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Superior Panels

 Our focus is with flexibility, you name it and we can probably build it.  With a highly diverse product line, you can order the exact combination of superior panels of every grade. Choose from 8, 9 or 10ft lengths, sanded, marine, sheathing, siding, MDO and HDO-  We're like a super market for plywood!


The high-grade of sanded plywood faces provide a beautiful finish-quality surface for all kinds of applications.

Our siding panels provide the subtle and infinitely variable characteristics of natural wood that convey a sense of individuality that is impossible to duplicate with factory-made imitation-wood materials. Panel siding can be used in attractive combinations with other wood and non-wood building products.

Plywood is the original structural wood panel. As an APA-rated producer, you can be assured that you will receive consistent quality from Hardel's sheathing panels.


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